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RIDGID introduces hand-held inspection camera

For many professionals, seeing into hard-to-reach areas can present some tricky challenges. For instance, issues in tight spaces, like leaky pipes behind walls, can be difficult to diagnose, especially when the problem cannot be seen. Now, a new member of the RIDGID® hand-held inspection camera family offers a simplified view-only addition that adds sight for professionals: the RIDGID micro CA-25 hand-held inspection camera.

The micro CA-25 offers a rugged 17 mm (¾”) aluminum camera head and one-handed pistol grip designed for multi-purpose visual detection, diagnosis and confirmation in hard-to-reach areas. The camera, permanently attached to a fixed 3-foot cable, is easily capable of sliding into tight spaces such as behind walls and ceilings and inside mechanical devices and plumbing fixtures, making it an excellent choice for a variety of jobs.

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