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HTS Texas Announces Expansion of HVAC Equipment and Services Line

HOUSTON, Texas – HTS Texas, the Texas partner of an independent commercial HVAC manufacturers’ representative in North America, recently announced that the company has expanded its supplier line with products by Munters and Fulton to better serve building owners in the Lone Star state.

According to the agreements, HTS Texas will:

  • Broaden the current reach of its partnership with Munters to provide dehumidification products beyond Houston to include additional Texas markets – Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio.
  • Provide a new line of boiler products by Fulton, a global manufacturer of steam, hydronic and thermal fluid heat transfer systems, and its affiliate Synex Controls, a developer of energy management solutions and controls technology.

Through its expanded partnership with Munters, HTS Texas will offer solutions for humidity control in all commercial sectors. Among the available solutions is Munters’ premiere DryCool™ product line that addresses the problem with makeup air leading to moisture related issues – mold, wet surfaces and structural decay. The energy-efficient, Dedicated Outside Air System:

  • Combines Munters’ advanced dehumidification technology with packaged refrigeration.
  • Eliminates the need for cumbersome cooling and reheating processes to remove moisture from the air.
  • Offers independent temperature and humidity control.

HTS Texas’ introduction into the boiler market through its partnership with Fulton and its affiliate, Synex Controls, will position the company to round out its product offering to include Fulton’s hydronic, hotwater and steam boilers, along with Synex’s ModSync boiler sequencing system.
Both lines will provide unique benefits for HTS Texas’ customers.

  • Fulton’s high-efficiency condensing boilers are designed for the most challenging applications, while hybrid systems provide a balance between up-front investment and long-term payback from energy savings.
  • Synex’s boiler sequencing system offers a simple, user-friendly interface, remote monitoring, intelligent lead and lag technology, setback scheduling and the ability to develop unique control algorithms for process applications.

For a complete listing of HTS Texas’ product offerings, click here or visit the new online parts store here.

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