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Aquatherm PP-R to copper transition eases fixture, flush valve installations

Aquatherm’s polypropylene-random piping systems, which are increasingly being used in a variety of PHVAC applications, now feature a threadless transition from PP-R pipe to fixture units and flush valves. This transition allows for installations to be fitted out entirely in PP-R and will have a big impact on commercial and residential plumbing applications using Aquatherm.

Now with Aquatherm-to-copper stub-outs, which come in ½-inch, ¾-inch, and 1-inch diameters, installers can easily transition through a wall to a fixture unit or flush valve using PP-R. Aquatherm teamed up with Sioux Chief Manufacturing to create this new stub-out, which represents a more mainstream transition method for potable and greywater service.

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