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Camfil Weighs-in on I-BEAM: A Tool for Maintaining High IAQ

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Now in its second decade, I-BEAM — an online resource from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — remains a key tool in helping large and commercial buildings maintain optimal indoor air quality. Its guidance has never been more crucial, as new studies reveal the lurking dangers in poor quality indoor air, which can trigger asthma and other respiratory problems. I-BEAM, along with innovative high-performance air filters, can help building designers and managers reduce these risks — and keep indoor air clean and healthy.

Available on the EPA’s website, I-BEAM is shorthand for the IAQ Building Education and Assessment Model. A guidance tool designed for building professionals and those who manage indoor air quality for commercial buildings, it consists of text, animation and visual elements, as well as interactive calculators. Together they enable users to:

  • Improve indoor air quality within budget
  • Refine a maintenance program for IAQ
  • Conduct an indoor air quality building audit
  • Train management and staff in indoor air quality
  • Provide documentation that the building is following IAQ building practices
  • Reduce liability exposure to indoor air quality complaints
  • Improve the marketability of the building and rental space

For building developers and managers, I-BEAM should be just one leg of an effective, sustainable high IAQ strategy. Also critical is the use of modern high-efficiency, high-performance air filtration products, like commercial air filters designed to remove more particles from the indoor air while lasting longer and requiring less energy. Such air filters are readily available in today’s market from manufacturers like Camfil.

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