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Rehvac Drain Gun Delivers Powerful Performance in Compact Tool

One shot from the Rehvac Drain Gun can dislodge even the most stubborn clogs, and at .4 pounds it is a breeze to carry up a ladder or into a tight crawlspace.

The Drain Gun is a lightweight, powerful tool for blowing out condensate lines. The rugged drain-cleaning tool uses the popular 16-gram oil-free CO2 cartridges and is constructed of machined aluminum and brass with a cartridge holder that is almost indestructible.

HVAC technicians will appreciate the new spring-loaded seal that prevents the cartridges from leaking when loading into the gun. The hose has a standard ¼-inch flare fitting which allows for the addition of extension hoses or other Rehvac accessories. And, as a bonus, the hose can be removed and the Drain Gun used to inflate bicycle or motorcycle tires.

Also available is the Drain Gun refill cartridges known as the Drain Gun Ammo (part # DC-16). The cartridges are filled with 16 grams of dry CO2 and fit both the Rehvac Drain Gun and other 16-gram CO2 dispensers used in the HVAC market.

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