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Taco Offers Low-Lead Compliance Web Info

Since 2010, Taco has been in full compliance with the new and fast-approaching low-lead compliance (often referred to as “lead-free”) legislation.  The firm has created website information about product low-lead certification, with frequently asked questions.  Go to and click your cursor on the NSF logo.

Taco’s new web portal focuses on information about new federal and state laws required for all potable water products.

“Long before federal legislation required it, we decided against having both leaded, as well as low-lead products, so we moved as quickly as we could to change all potable water technology to lead-free,” said Taco water circulation Product Manager Carl Perrone.

Perrone recommends that reps, wholesalers, contractors and engineers should be proactive.  “With only six or seven more months remaining before the federal laws take effect fully, there’s no time left to sit on the fence,” said Perrone.  “Don’t wait too long to start the transition because, undoubtedly, delays will be costly.”

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