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Bradford White Introduces Boilers, Volume Water Heaters

Bradford White recently introduced its new Brute Series line of gas-fired boilers and volume water heaters. The product line includes both residential and commercial boilers, from 50 to 2,400 MBH, and up to 98 percent AFUE.

The Brute Series includes the 50-225 MBH, chimney-vented Brute Mini; the modulating-condensing 80-850 MBH Brute Elite; the 95 percent AFUE, 125 MBH, wall-mounted Brute Elite with optional DHW Combi models; the 1000-1700 MBH, mod-con Brute Elite offering a 10:1 turndown; the 200-2,000 MBH Brute Deluxe; the multi-stage 200-2,000 MBH Copper Brute II and the 1,200-2,400 MBH Brute Magnum.

The Brute product line also includes volume water heaters ranging from 150 to 2,400 MBH in standard efficiency and highly efficient condensing models. The new product line is added to Bradford White’s extensive line of residential and commercial water heaters.

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