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Uponor’s New Industry-First Products Meeting Demand for Commercial PEX Plumbing Systems

Uponor North America recently launched several new products in its engineered polymer product line to meet the increasing demand in commercial plumbing systems using cross-linked polyethylene pipe.

A first for PEX plumbing systems, Uponor offers a ProPEX EP 45 Degree Elbow to facilitate directional changes at a 45-degree angle. The elbow is available in 1-½-inch and 2-inch sizes and features Uponor’s unique ProPEX connection that capitalizes on the shape memory of Uponor PEX-a pipe to create strong, durable connections that hold tight with 1,000 pounds of radial force.

The new 2-inch EP Multiport Tee, targeted for commercial restrooms, features three 1-inch outlets and provides an efficient solution for flush bank installations with fewer fittings and connections. Designed to centralize connections and supply lines, the tee provides material and labor savings, allowing for flexibility in design and installation.

“With our continued growth in commercial plumbing, Uponor is striving to fill the need for products that make it faster and easier to install PEX in various commercial plumbing applications,” says Jayson Drake, director, Plumbing and Fire Safety, Uponor. “Expanding our EP product line with these new tees and multiports signifies our commitment to the commercial PEX plumbing market.”

In addition to the ProPEX EP 45-degree Elbow and 2-inch Multiport Tee, Uponor is also launching the following new EP products for use in commercial PEX plumbing systems.

  • ProPEX EP Reducing Tee, 1-¼-inch PEX by 1-¼-inch PEX by ½-inch PEX
  • EP Reducing Tee, 1-½-inch PEX by 1-inch PEX by 1½-inch PEX
  • ProPEX EP Reducing Tee, 1-½-inch PEX by 1-½-inch PEX by ½-inch PEX
  • ProPEX EP Reducing Tee, 2-inch PEX by 1-½-inch PEX by 2-inch PEX
  • ProPEX EP Reducing Tee, 2-inch PEX by 2-inch PEX by ½-inch PEX
  • EP Flow-through Multiport Tee, 3 outlets, 1-inch by ¾-inch ProPEX
  • EP Flow-through Multiport Tee, 4 outlets, 1-inch by 1-inch ProPEX
  • 1-inch EP Branch Multiport Tee, 4 outlets

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