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Zurn Introduces Stainless Steel Point Drain

ERIE, Pa. — Zurn Industries, LLC, introduces the Zurn Stainless Steel Point Drain – ideal for work environments where sanitary conditions are critical, such as hospitals, food processing facilities and pharmaceutical applications.

Zurn’s unique sloped surface design eliminates the buildup of stagnant water, making these new drains far less likely to harbor bacteria and other unwelcome microorganisms. The fabricated stainless steel construction of these point drains is also corrosion-resistant. In addition, Zurn’s anti-tilt covers provide a safety advantage for work environments.

“Any building owner or manager concerned about sanitation and safety at their facility will find an excellent solution in the Zurn Stainless Steel Point Drain,” says Matt Lawrence, specification drainage product manager for Zurn Industries, LLC. “The innovative design of these drains, paired with their fabricated stainless steel construction, will deliver superior value and a lower overall cost throughout the product’s life cycle.”

The new Zurn Stainless Steel Point Drain offers multiple options: 12 inch (square shaped or round); 8 inch (square shaped or round) and 6 inch (round). They can be adjustable or fixed, and certain models allow for side evacuation. The new drain is manufactured from type 304 stainless steel with type 316 stainless steel options available.

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