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AERCO Introduces AERCO SMART SIZE Water Heater Sizing Program

BLAUVELT, N.Y. — AERCO International introduces the AERCO SMART SIZE, a water heater sizing program that helps consulting specifying engineers, as well as facility owners and managers select the most appropriate water heater for their facility load demands. The online tool, available at, is the first product of its kind fully guaranteed by the manufacturer to accurately calculate a building load and recommend the proper water heater to satisfy the specified load without excessive oversizing, for a more space- and cost-efficient system.

AERCO is guaranteeing the recommendations because the program is based upon AERCO’s 60 years of developing hot water heaters for commercial designs and subsequent empirical data. That industry knowledge is incorporated into the AERCO sizing method within the water heater program, which offers users a high degree of flexibility during the sizing and selection process. The program captures all project information, such as application (hotel, school, office building, etc.) and location (for seasonal considerations), as well as fixture count and GPM. Users can select from AERCO’s Innovation Series, WaterWizard and SmartPlate products, as well as its steam-to-water and water-to-water heaters.

Users can size multiple systems or zones within a single building. They can also size multiple systems or zones within a single building that has multiple applications, such as a hospital and restaurant. Other considerations, such as storage tanks, stored water volume within the piping and hydronic buffer tank, can also be incorporated into the Water Heater Sizing Program to ensure the most accurate scenario and product selection.

A PDF of the selection report, which can be printed or downloaded, is generated for each sizing. The Water Heater Sizing Program also allows users to print or download standard tech data sheets, CI specifications, dimensional, clearance and piping drawings.

Recommendations from AERCO SMART SIZE are guaranteed by AERCO to satisfy the building design load, as long as the real design conditions and accurate fixture count is entered to generate the sizing. The program is configured to operate with all leading web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

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