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3M Rebrands Commercial HVAC Filter Products from Filtrete to 3M

ST. PAUL, Minn. — 3M Purification announces the rebranding of its commercial HVAC filter products. Previously sold under the Filtrete brand, the products will now instead carry the 3M brand. With this change, 3M will unify its wide portfolio of commercial offerings and help customers differentiate them from its consumer products.

The change comes after significant research was performed showing the high levels of brand awareness and trust that commercial customers have in the 3M brand, while also revealing that many customers see Filtrete brand filters as residential products. Additionally, because 3M offers many products beyond filters to the commercial HVAC market, bringing the portfolio together under a single brand umbrella will help simplify product selection for customers.

“The 3M brand is one that customers trust for best-in-class products and performance,” said Jenny Hicks, marketing manager for Commercial Air Filtration, 3M Purification. “By unifying our commercial offerings under one brand, we hope to help streamline the decision-making process and give customers one go-to source for their commercial air filtration needs.”

The company’s commercial HVAC filter products are currently used in many traditional HVAC applications, serving facilities such as data centers, commercial buildings and healthcare facilities. The filters were recently used in a highly successful reworking of the HVAC system at Denver International Airport.

“The new air filtration system not only improved our indoor air quality, it’s also more efficient, uses less energy, produces less solid waste and reduces the labor costs associated with maintaining our heating and air system,” said Dave LaPorte, the airport’s deputy manager of aviation.

In addition to their traditional HVAC applications, 3M is also now marketing its filters to meet the needs of facilities where infection control and industrial processing demand high performance air filtration. Solutions are available for facilities such as swine barns and other livestock buildings, as well as for processing facilities such as those used in fuel cell, automotive or pharmaceutical production.

Luke Minion, DVM, CEO of Pipestone Veterinary Clinic, explained why his business recently switched to 3M air filters for the swine farms that it manages. “When we sought out a new option for filtration at our sow farms, we were looking for a company that would be willing to innovate and customize its approach for how we use filters in our business. We knew that 3M’s innovation is second to none, and obviously their brand is known for its tremendous commitment to quality.”

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