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Viega Launches Campaign to Promote Water Quality, Hygiene

WICHITA, Kan. — Viega launches its water quality campaign, a domestic and global initiative aimed at educating the industry and providing system solutions to promote water quality and hygiene for commercial potable water systems.

Viega’s water quality campaign focuses on the Viega system solutions to help the engineering community design systems that reduce the risk of waterborne pathogens. Promoting recirculation and keeping water at the correct temperature can discourage creation of an environment that is conducive to bacteria growth. Different types of common bacteria, such as Legionella, found in drinking water systems can cause illness or death.

“This important initiative connects engineers with solutions they need to help ensure water quality can be maintained throughout commercial potable water systems,” said Derek Bower, product director, metal systems, Viega. “It’s Viega’s commitment to promote safe water throughout the U.S. and around the world.”

Viega’s water quality initiative includes ongoing training and education seminars for the engineering community, supported by Viega’s more than 115 years of global knowledge and experience. Viega technical managers have made the initiative a top priority, and are prepared to support customers through the design and specifying process, installation and for ongoing maintenance and support.

Viega also offers a number of innovative product solutions to address water quality issues, including the new double drop elbows and Venturi press inserts, as well as existing systems like Viega SmartLoop for commercial systems. Combining these product solutions with design strategies like recirculation, plumbing fixtures to minimize stagnation and reducing dead legs can make conditions within the plumbing system less favorable for microbial colonization.

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