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Victaulic Introduces Industry’s First Grooved Joining Solution for CPVC Pipe

EASTON, Pa. – Victualic has launched the industry’s first grooved piping system designed exclusively for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride/polyvinyl chloride pipe. Created for use on Schedules 40 and 80 CPVC and PVC pipe, the system includes a full line of Installation-Ready couplings, fittings and pipe preparation tools. Victaulic’s new solution offers the fastest, cleanest installation method for CPVC/PVC pipe and eliminates several drawbacks associated with traditional joining methods.

The plumbing market for potable water systems has started to transition from expensive metallic piping materials to more affordable CPVC pipe. CPVC is a lightweight alternative to galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel and copper tubing, and it provides better frictional flow performance. Traditionalists often use solvent cement to join CPVC pipe, which requires several coats of primer and cement, as well as special restraining equipment, leading to a longer and more complex installation. This also exposes the installer and others in the general vicinity to harsh chemicals and odors. With Victaulic’s new grooved solution for CPVC, these challenges are eliminated.

The comprehensive line includes the Style 357 Installation-Ready rigid coupling, the Style 356 Installation-Ready transition coupling, the Style 358 reducing coupling, Schedule 80 molded CPVC fittings and the CG1100 cut grooving tool. All incorporate the new Victaulic PGS-300 groove profile, which was developed to optimize Victaulic product performance and provide a rigid mechanical joint on CPVC/PVC pipe. Available in sizes two- to 12-inch/DN50 – DN300, the products are NSF compliant for potable water systems.

The CG1100 Cut Grooving Tool produces the PGS-300 cut groove into two- to 12-inch/DN50 – DN300 Schedules 40 and 80 CPVC/PVC pipe. This portable, lightweight field or shop tool has easily identifiable grooving bits and arm sets for two to 4-inch/DN50 – DN100 and six- to 12-inch/DN150 – DN200 pipe. It’s available both for rent and for sale.

Victaulic’s Installation-Ready couplings feature no loose parts that can be dropped or lost, and they’re easily installed with common hand tools. In a maintenance or retrofit situation, the couplings and fittings can be removed and reinstalled as needed, without having to cut into the CPVC pipe. The grooved solution is also unaffected by temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions that compromise the solvent cementing procedure.

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