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Greenheck’s Line of Electric Duct Heaters Expands with Model IDHE

Greenheck’s line of electric duct heaters has grown with the introduction of Model IDHE, the industry’s first electric duct heater approved by UL for multiple mounting positions. This allows the control cabinet to be installed on either side of a horizontal duct or in any orientation on a vertical duct. The control cabinet is offset from the heating element like traditional duct heaters; however, the installer can position the offset to the left or to the right during installation. This flexibility helps eliminate having to reorder a heater to accommodate emerging field conditions and reduces the information needed to properly configure the product.

Model IDHE is configurable in sizes up to 40 by20 inches with a maximum capacity of 100 kW and features 50/60 Hz compatibility, power and control terminal boards, an automatic reset thermal safety switch for primary over temperature protection and heavy gauge G60 construction. Ideal for space, primary, secondary, auxiliary and reheating applications, Model IDHE is UL 1996 certified and many options are available.

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