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Wilo USA Solar Borehole Pumps Provide Cost-Efficient, Autonomous Water Supply

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Wilo USA now offers a range of solar borehole pumps, including a new, 4-inch solar submersible pump, available in two series, the Wilo-Quick Solar and the Wilo-Opti Solar series.

Wilo well pumps feature an efficient, simple design for clean water. The all-stainless steel solar submersible pumps offer either a centrifugal or helical rotor hydraulic execution and feature permanent magnet motors. Additionally, no external controls are required for the operation of either series.

The Wilo-Opti Solar has an operating range of 90-265 V and up to 3,000 W and can operate on either AC or DC power. The pump reaches heads to 755 feet and flows exceeding 60 gpm. The Wilo-Quick Solar has an operating range of 70-190 V and up to 800 W on DC only. Available in three 316SS helical rotor models and one 30 gpm stainless centrifugal model, the full series covers from 3 to 35 gpm and reaches a max depth of 400 feet. Custom solar systems are also available.

The pumps’ high motor efficiency and starting torque keep the systems moving in low-light conditions for 24/7 access. The systems use a sophisticated dynamic Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm to provide the highest water output and, with remote monitoring and control available as well as global sizing, Wilo offers the most comprehensive solar pumping solutions on the market. The company will be expanding its offering further by the end of 2018 with a new model, up to 6 kW.

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