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Aquatherm Introduces ‘TechTV’ Series

LINDON, Utah—Aquatherm has released the first three installments of its new “TechTV” video series. This series of short videos is designed to present information on many aspects of designing, installing and maintaining systems using Aquatherm polypropylene pipe. The videos are hosted by Aquatherm’s Chief Technology Officer Jim Paschal, P.E.

The first video covers what the company refers to as “mixed systems,” or domestic hot water recirculation systems that combine polypropylene and copper pipe. It is available at

The second video presents support considerations for properly hanging and supporting Aquatherm pipe. It can be viewed at

The third video discusses the temperature testing that takes place in the formulation of Aquatherm polypropylene piping systems and the effects excessive temperature can have on these systems when events such as deadheaded pumps occur. Check this one out at

Upcoming TechTV video topics will include flanging with Aquatherm, Aquatherm and compressed gases, oxidative resistance testing and more. All of the videos in the series are free and available 24/7.

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