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Ruskin’s New Vertical Stationary Louver Meets AMCA 540, 550 Standards

The new EME5625MD louver from Ruskin, a 5-inch vertical stationary louver, is engineered to provide added protection to buildings during hurricane conditions. In compliance with Miami-Dade (Florida) standards, the EME5625MD is constructed of extruded aluminum, is low maintenance and offers high resistance to corrosion.

The EME5625MD is designed to meet a wind load of 160 psf. Its 1.25-inch vertical blade spacing prevents penetration of wind-driven rain, earning a Class A efficiency rating at 50 mph. The louver meets the AMCA 550 standard, which is tested up to wind speeds of 110 mph and a rain fall rate of 8.8 inches per hour. It also meets the AMCA 540 Enhanced Protection standard for “Missile Level E” impact (nine-pound 2 by 4 at 55 mph), which is required for critical/essential facilities and safe rooms, such as hospitals, police stations and community centers.

Testing at these levels demonstrates the advanced protection this louver can deliver under extreme weather conditions, as it is AMCA certified for both wind-driven rain protection and air performance.

This model is also available in round and triangular configurations. The 5-inch vertical stationary louvers comes with a limited five-year warranty from the date of delivery.

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