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Danfoss, Microsoft to Establish IoT Collaboration

Danfoss has entered into collaboration with Microsoft to bring domain expertise in refrigeration and HVAC to the cloud. Through this collaboration, customers will benefit from long-standing industry knowledge on a new platform powered by Microsoft Azure. The new cloud services will enable major savings, operational efficiency and can further increase sales effectiveness for refrigeration and HVAC system owners and professionals.

The cloud-based services will enable food retailers to reduce food loss, reduce energy consumption and optimize overall store performance. They will benefit from Danfoss’ 80+ years of experience as a solution provider in refrigeration and HVAC. The cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure will provide scalability and data security.

The Danfoss Cooling Cloud Suite enables full transparency around the clock allowing food retailers to focus on the core of their business. The cloud-based services increase operational efficiency by processing and analyzing data from refrigeration assets, HVAC, lighting and other assets. The data is managed in a secure way and delivers valuable insight to the food retail store in easy-to-use user interfaces.


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