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Combined Package of 4 Components Now Offered for UV Resources’ RLM Xtreme System Orders

The RLM Xtreme System from UV Resources now offers installing contractors all of the UV-C lamp performance, monitoring and safety components in a single order.

The multiple-SKU RLM Xtreme System streamlines ordering and provides facility managers and HVAC contractors with all of the elements necessary to install a comprehensive HVACR efficiency solution.

Designed for mid-to-large volume HVACR equipment, the remote lamp mount germicidal system offers the industry’s highest UV-C fluence and is now available with four of the most popular fixturing components, including:

  • Integrated plug-and-play remote ballast
  • Prewired 12V access door safety controller (required for UL 1995-compliance)
  • Lamp framing supports
  • Operation monitoring capability.The system’s 360-degree high-output lamp generates up to twice the ultraviolet irradiation levels to kill and/or degrade the toughest microorganisms and organic matter, whether on a surface or airborne. Applying ultraviolet germicidal irradiation lamps downstream of HVACR cooling coils has been shown to improve IAQ, boost airflow and maximize heat-exchange efficiency, which can reduce energy use by up to 25 percent.

The RLM Xtreme System allows installers to easily overlap multiple lamps in scissor-like fashion offering unlimited lamp configurations by using one or two standard lamp lengths, rather than being constrained by installing fixtures end-to-end. Its LampHolder with LampClamp allows lamps to “slip-in” and click in place, while being held securely with a Lamp Compression Nut.


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