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Nu-Calgon Launches New Line of Sealants

Nu-Calgon has launched NuLock, a new family of anaerobic-based products designed for metal fastener thread locking and sealing in the HVACR market. NuLock products can be used on flare fittings to improve seals and thread locking of mechanical fasteners that are usually susceptible to leakage due to vibration.

NuLock is available in multiple formulations for different applications:

  • General-purpose thread sealant for metal fasteners
  • Thread sealant for refrigerant systems
  • Thread sealant with PTFE for metal-threaded pipes and fittings
  • Flange sealant to aid in sealing small gaps on rigid metal faces and flanges

NuLock is ideal for metal pipe thread, flare and compression fittings. They are fast-curing products, quick and easy to apply. All formulations are highly resistant to heat and vibrations, with excellent chemical resistance and corrosion protection.

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