ASSE International Publishes New Listing Evaluation Criteria for Point of Entry Anion Exchange — Nitrate Reduction

ASSE International has published a new Listing Evaluation Criteria document — ASSE LEC 2008-2021, Point of Entry Anion Exchange — Nitrate Reduction.

Point of entry anion exchange water treatment products covered in ASSE LEC 2008 are intended to be used in residential and commercial applications to reduce nitrate from drinking water. Systems covered in this LEC are self-regeneration anion exchange system — non-regenerating residential water treatment systems designed to reduce nitrates are tested to NSF/ANSI 53, Drinking Water Treatment Units — Health Effects.

A 2006 United States Geological Survey study suggested more than 1 million private well owners are located in areas with nitrate groundwater risk above the 10 mg/L MCL. ASSE LEC 2008 provides test protocols to verify the ability of anion exchange water treatment systems to reduce nitrate from drinking water below the MCL, and tests salt used per regeneration cycle, nitrate dumping, flow capacity, back-siphonage during system regeneration, pressure loss and structural integrity.

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