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Commercial Building Electrification Study Involves Fujitsu, Ventacity

Fujitsu General America, Inc., in partnership with the Institute for Market Transformation and Ventacity Systems, is conducting demonstrations of building electrification using a new systems-based approach to commercial HVAC.

Building electrification – the removal of fossil fuel combustion equipment from existing buildings – is considered widely to be a critical strategy toward achieving a clean energy economy.  Fujitsu’s highly efficient variable refrigerant flow products are combined with Ventacity Systems’ heat recovery ventilation equipment and strict design guidelines to achieve superb results.

A small number of highly documented demonstrations by the non-profit Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance replaced natural gas heat with electric VRF heat and showed no increase in annual electricity use. Total HVAC system energy savings using the new systems approach ranged from 43-70%.

IMT has secured awards from NYSERDA in New York and ComEdison in Chicago, Illinois to complete up to 25 more demonstration sites to determine whether early results can be replicated in a wide variety of climates, building types and sizes. If the potential shown in the early demonstrations holds up, it will allow rapid electrification without needing expensive additions to the electric grid.

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