Navien Unveils New Boiler Lineup

NCB-H Condensing Combi-Boiler

Navien, Inc. has announced three new innovations: the NCB-H condensing combi-boiler, NFC-H  condensing fire tube combi-boiler and NFB-H condensing fire tube boiler.

NFC-H Condensing Fire Tube Combi-Boiler

The NCB-H condensing combi-boiler series includes five models and uses durable dual stainless steel heat exchangers for heating and a separate flat plate stainless steel heat exchanger for domestic hot water applications. Features include advanced controls with an intuitive display, built-in advanced domestic hot water recirculation controls, 2-inch venting up to 65 feet and 3-inch venting up to 150 feet and a new DHW module with mixing valve and flow adjustment valve.

NFB-H Fire Tube Boiler

Navien’s fire tube boiler lines have been updated with the NFC-H fire tube combi-boilers and NFB-H fire tube boilers. Both offer turndown ratios up to 15:1, powered connections for three zone pumps or three zone valves and an easy-to-use setup wizard for improved installation. The NFC-H also includes increased DHW performance with up to 210,000 Btu/hr for DHW, offering up to 5.4 gpm at a 70 degree temperature rise.



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