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ASHRAE Present Co-Organized World Refrigeration Day Webinars

ASHRAE will present two co-organized webinars to mark the observation of World Refrigeration Day 2021. World Refrigeration Day, June 26, is an international awareness day to celebrate applications of refrigeration technology and its impact on the quality of life.

“Refrigeration and cold chain technologies offer invaluable and often life-saving resources to our day-to-day lives,” said 2020-21 ASHRAE President Charles E. Gulledge III, P.E. “ASHRAE is pleased to participate in this year’s World Refrigeration Day activities, further highlighting our long-term commitment to advancing the science of refrigeration technology and its application for all.”

Sixteen webinars describing career paths available to students and practitioners in the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps industry will take place during the week before and after World Refrigeration Day. Highlighting the day’s 2021 campaign theme “Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World,” the webinars will describe trends and opportunities in the technologies that deliver comfort, support the cold chain that provides food and life-saving vaccines and stabilize the earth’s climate.

ASHRAE will present the following two co-organized webinars in advance of World Refrigeration Day:

Futuristic Career in Not-In-Kind Cooling Technologies
Thursday, June 24
1-3 p.m. EDT
Speakers: Yunho Hwang, Qian Suxin, Kim Jiyeob, Subramanyaravi Annapragada
Presented by ASHRAE and The International Institute of Refrigeration

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Life-Saving Cold-Chain Careers
Friday, June 25
10-11 a.m. EDT
Speakers: Nawaz Kashif, Stefan Elbel, Chris Repice
Presented by ASHRAE

The objective of this year’s theme is to inspire students and those early in their career path to join the more than 15 million people worldwide employed in the refrigeration sector.

“Partnering with organizations enables the refrigeration industry to reach out globally, with particular emphasis on developing countries, to expand the workforce that supports life-giving and society-dependent technologies,” Steve Gill, 2021-22 chair of ASHRAE’s Refrigeration Technology Committee for Comfort, Process, and Cold Chain and World Refrigeration Day founder. “Opportunities within the industry abound for young people with a wide range of career aspirations. Advanced cooling technologies provide them with a profession that improves life in their communities and in the world as a whole.”

Visit for World Refrigeration Day resources, as well as information and publications concerning refrigeration and refrigerants, such as standards, design guides and ASHRAE courses.

To join in the World Refrigeration Day celebration, connect with ASHRAE on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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