Energy-Efficient Portable Air Purification System Adds Layer of Protection Against Viruses

American Air Filter, Co. Inc., and its subsidiary Flanders Corp, a subsidiary of Daikin Industries, developed AstroPure portable air filtration system. AstroPure works by increasing air-recirculation rates within a given space, effectively cleaning the air every time it passes through the 2-stage advanced filtration system. The system uses a high-capacity MERV 11 pre-filter and a dual-layer eFRM media HEPA filter, which reduces cost of replacement filters and produces a safer environment for staff and customers of commercial spaces.

The standalone unit can be simply plugged in to suit many different applications without requiring installation. Equipped with advanced sensor technology and an easily programmable HMI, the system allows the user to optimize air-circulation rates at the lowest energy cost and noise level. The quiet, energy-efficient unit has easy-to-use controls providing indoor air quality on demand.

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