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Sensibo AirQ System Offers Affordable Classroom Air Filtration

Since the first outbreak of COVID-19, there’s still concern about a key issue: are air conditioners amplifying the risk of spreading the virus indoors. Sensibo has created the first system for schools to transform existing split air conditioners into smart ACs plus medical-grade air filtration systems that remove harmful viruses and CO2 particles — providing a cost-effective solution for protecting students and staff.

Powered by IN-EX medical-grade filtration, the new Sensibo AirQ filters employ a unique technology to kill and eliminate COVID-19 and other viruses from the air. This is accomplished through an innovative sonochemical process that embeds copper oxide molecules into the filter’s fibers. This method has been found to be safe, effective and durable in independent microbiological laboratory tests.

The Sensibo AirQ system is an affordable classroom solution that:

  • Transforms existing split air conditioners into smart-sensing air quality devices with live air quality data — saving energy, increasing comfort and safeguarding the health of your staff and students
  • Traps and kills more than 99% of COVID-19 particles, bacteria and other common viruses, such as the flu, with medical-grade filtration sheets that can be added to existing split AC units, transforming them into air purifying systems
  • Makes it possible to digitally manage all AC units in the school with an integrated device management system that allows administrators to manage their entire fleet of air conditioners and air purifiers from one platform


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