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Nibco Introduces Next-Generation of Push Technology

Nibco Inc. introduces its Wrot Racer push fittings, a new line of premium copper push fittings that are engineered to join copper, CPVC-CTS, PEX and PE-RT (with stiffeners) for easy transition between piping systems. With a patented fitting design, installations are easily made within seconds.

Wrot Racer push fittings are manufactured in the U.S. of 99.9% pure wrot copper. Naturally lead free, the fittings feature antimicrobial properties and zero dezincification, providing for safe, clean drinking water connections for both residential and commercial applications.

Available in ½-inch to 1-inch sizes, the lightweight and compact Wrot Racer fittings are able to be installed wet or dry and can handle applications up to 200 psi and 200 F. The new fittings feature stainless steel gripper rings to ensure a secure connection. Wrot Racer fittings are ideal for tight-space installations and can also be removed and reused, avoiding wasted materials.

Push fitting configurations include couplings, 90 degree elbows, caps, adapters and tees. Nibco offers a 25-year warranty that Wrot Racer fittings will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

Manufactured from recyclable materials, Wrot Racer fittings are environmentally green and meet a variety of certifications and standards including ANSI/NSF 14, 61, 372 and ASSE 1061.

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