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Emerson Launches First HVACR Educator Resources Platform

Emerson has launched its first HVACR Educator Resource platform designed to provide industry educators with access to tools, training and educational materials to enhance learning for the next generation of HVACR professionals.

The HVACR Educator Resource site includes additional training tools, student learning materials and educator trainings. For those who register, there are exclusive HVACR educational tools and curriculum for educators that offers training kits, causes and prevention of compressor failure curriculum, a compressor multiples technology E-learning module and HVACR career recruitment materials.

Within the HVACR Educator Resource site, there is a wide range of educational features including a Copeland scroll compressor training kit. This kit offers a detailed look inside a scroll compressor, through a torn-down model from Emerson’s lab, offering a hands-on approach to learning the fundamentals of compression technology. The kit also includes custom safety equipment, supplemental learning materials and interactive digital content to provide a comprehensive educational experience.

Emerson has recently donated a number of resources, including compressor training kits, RIDGID tool kits and more, to support skilled trades education and recruiting the next generation of technicians for careers in the HVACR industry. The HVACR Educator Resource site servers as the next phase of industry education support.

Exclusive access to all materials is available once registration is complete. For more information, visit the Educator Resources website.

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