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Plumbing Manufacturers International Concurs with DOE’s Latest Revision of Showerhead Definition

The Department of Energy has issued a final rule on the definition of a showerhead, reinstating the Oct. 2013 definition and withdrawing the  Dec. 2020 interpretation of the term “showerhead” and an associated definition for “body spray.”

Plumbing Manufacturers International concurs with these changes. “As we’ve stated before, PMI members have invested heavily in producing water-efficient showerheads,” said PMI CEO/Executive Director Kerry Stackpole.

“We support the DOE’s decision, as the Dec. 2020 rule interpretation created the potential for water-wasting, multiple-nozzle showerheads not compliant with industry standards to enter the marketplace. With little consumer demand for these products, they were a solution in search of a problem.”

Read the final rule.

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