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Nu-Calgon Launches New ULTRA Concentrate Coil Cleaners

Nu-Calgon has launched a new ULTRA Concentrate line of coil cleaners. These quart-sized cleaners provide the quality and value of the classic formulas, while taking up less space on the shelf and contractors’ trucks.

Nu-Calgon is introducing Nu-Brite ULTRA Concentrate, Tri-Pow’r HD ULTRA Concentrate and Evap Pow’r ULTRA Concentrate as the newest additions to its coil cleaning lineup. The ULTRA Concentrate quart bottles can be shipped Limited Quantity via UPS/Fedex, which provides wholesalers with significant cost savings when shipping to their customers. They are also easy to carry on rooftops, and they can be used in Nu-Calgon’s Coil Gun and other sprayers.

One quart of Nu-Brite ULTRA Concentrate or Tri-Pow’r ULTRA Concentrate can be diluted to make up to 8 gallons of effective cleaner, while Evap Pow’r ULTRA Concentrate can make up to 9 gallons.

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