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Greenheck Introduces HP Ventilation Package for Healthier Indoor Air in Multifamily Buildings

Greenheck is expanding its product offering in multifamily construction. Greenheck’s new package of specification-grade exhaust ventilation fans and energy recovery ventilators delivers industry-leading performance for healthier indoor air.

Greenheck’s high-performance multifamily product lineup includes MasterSPEC SP-AP precision whole house ventilation fans, TruSPEC SP-B energy efficient ventilation fans for high-volume projects and MultiSPEC SP-LP multipurpose spot ventilation fans. Four new Greenheck energy recovery ventilators complete the high-performance ventilation package. Compact models ASSURE120 and SYNC110, along with cold weather-certified SYNC180 and SYNC270 models featuring exclusive precision-balancing technology, offer energy-efficient balanced ventilation solutions for a variety of applications. Greenheck multifamily ventilation fans are tested and certified (Air and Sound) to perform in common residential installations (0.4 in. wg and above).

Greenheck’s new multifamily products are available through the manufacturer’s nationwide network of experienced mechanical representatives.

For more information, visit www.greenheck.com/residential-ventilation/multi-family.

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