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New Weil-McLain ProTools App Turns Technicians into Hydronics Experts

A new app to support Weil-McLain will help turn technicians into hydronics experts by putting a variety of Weil-McLain boiler product information at their fingertips. The Weil-McLain ProTools App, available for iOS and Android devices, allows contractors and other heating professionals to conveniently access information on Weil-McLain boiler setup, maintenance and troubleshooting.

The Weil-McLain ProTools App, developed based on extensive contractor research, helps spotlight the contractor’s hydronic expertise and will streamline technician’s customer visits to provide clients with a premium and differentiated experience.

The new app puts users in control of the boiler maintenance and monitoring experience through several key features:

  • Troubleshoot – Review fault codes for troubleshooting that go straight to the proper manual page for next steps
  • Find Parts – Find parts quickly and easily by model with illustrations
  • Review Technical Manuals – Quickly view product manuals, schematics, wire diagrams, maintenance, annual start-up and product brochures
  • Get Tech Support – Connect to technical support by phone, email, chat or video call
  • Retrieve Warranties – Register a product or review a warranty statement by scanning a convenient CP# on the boiler
  • Watch How-To Videos – Look up videos by boiler model for detailed instructions

Future upgrades to the app in early 2022 will include Bluetooth connectivity to Weil-McLain boilers like the ECO Tec line that will allow contractors and technicians to conduct additional functions.

For more information, visit or download the app via the App Store.

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