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Stinger 24V UV-C Light System Ideal for 3-Ton-or-Smaller Commercial HVAC Units

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — The Stinger UV-C fixturing from UV Resources is designed to efficiently destroy surface microbes and degrade organic materials that impede HVAC system efficiency, as well as contribute to allergies, poor indoor air quality  and airborne-transmitted disease. Stinger keeps coils and drain pans clean and working, often without additional maintenance.

Because it mounts from the exterior and requires no interior unit access, the Stinger UV-C fixture is ideal for hard-to-access HVAC equipment — even up to 5 tons — including fan coils, heat pumps, unit ventilators, terminal units or individual duct runs. The Stinger is ideal for critical areas too, units above ceilings or in specialty equipment applications in hospitals, industrial plants and pharmaceutical facilities — anywhere UV-C is needed in small equipment.

Stinger’s components are water resistant and easily installed in most hard-to-access equipment. Simply create a small opening in any HVAC system, fan coil, plenum or duct and install the reinforced, high-performance mounting base and neoprene gasket. The Stinger power socket utilizes a twist-on GU24 style connector for quick and inherently safe connections from soft-wired power or from its exclusive 24V-low voltage power supply.

The Stinger comes complete with mounting base, gasket, power supply, power socket, lamp socket, lamp and a high spectral reflector for use where needed.

“Stinger is safe, simple and just right for many of the hundreds of thousands ‘under-serviced’ or hard-to-access A/C systems in use today,” says Dan Jones, vice president of marketing for UV Resources, based in Santa Clarita, Calif. “The Stinger is the most affordable and easiest to install choice available.”

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