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SEMCO Intros 5-Minute FV Series Outdoor Air Design and Selection Software for Contractors, Engineers

SEMCO LLC, Columbia, Mo., recently introduced the FV QuickSpec, the HVAC industry’s easiest, quickest and most comprehensive design selection and sizing software tool for SEMCO’s FV Series. The FV QuickSpec matches FV Series outdoor air pre-conditioner equipment and options to all brands of commercial rooftop equipment for hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools and other commercial buildings.

The FV QuickSpec is available free to design/build contractors and consulting engineers as a Microsoft Excel-based file downloadable at, or as an email attachment upon request from SEMCO sales associates or manufacturer’s representatives.

The five-minute program’s automatically calculated energy analysis and color image outputs culminate into a final two-page submittal presentation that are unprecedented in the HVAC industry.  A collaborative development effort between SEMCO’s research and development, engineering and software departments, FV QuickSpec responds to engineers’ concerns that existing outdoor air equipment selection methodologies from energy recovery system manufacturers were previously too complicated, arduous and often inaccurate.

FV QuickSpec requires no operating manual and intuitively guides users through a minimal amount of project parameters such as supply/return cfms, wet bulb/dry bulb data for outdoor and supply air, plus altitude and sea level psychometric correction options.  Equipment data aren’t needed because the software’s internal algorithms automatically calculate the FV Series’ performance, fans, dimensions, controls, configuration, mounting and wiring specifications. The resulting recommendations typically include two to three FV Series model choices for evaluating ratios between efficiency and value engineering. Submittals include an energy analysis and payback, an engineering schedule, plus professionally packaged print outs of full-color graphic charts and graphs for sales presentations and commissioning verification.

The software’s automatically inputted FV Series data eliminates many common outdoor air equipment specification mistakes, such as under-sizing fans when incorrectly assuming filters and their MERV ratings are part of the manufacturer’s external static pressure calculations.  FV QuickSpec also automatically analyzes enthalpy wheel frosting potential, as per 150 listed geographical locations, and provides algorithms, alarms and recommendations to prevent it. FV QuickSpec also automatically includes psychometric calculations for altitude, which when mistakenly omitted during specification can result in airflow, fan selection or motor horsepower deficiencies of up to 15 percent.

Other FV QuickSpec features include:

  • Offers a performance schedule complete with input parameters, external static pressure, horsepower, fan rpm, electrical data recovery wheel performance and other information that can be exported or pasted into final drawings via one mouse click.
  • Downloading versus using online formats allows engineers to complete or edit data without an Internet connection.
  • Tested in specification applications for five months prior to release.
  • SEMCO customer support for FV QuickSpec is available Monday through Friday during business hours.
  • Confirms potential energy savings for LEED and other energy saving program applications.
  • Provides a Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER) output in accordance with AHRI Guideline V, “Calculating the Efficiency of Energy Recovery Ventilation and Its Effect on Efficiency and Sizing of Building HVAC Systems.”
  • Potentially saves job costs by detecting improperly sized accompanying HVAC system.
  • Offers options of heating and cooling coils and calculates the best size, output and configuration within the FV Series.

For more information on SEMCO’s FV QuickSpec, or its lines of chilled beam, energy recovery, acoustical equipment, spiral metal HVAC duct or other products, call 1-888-473-6264 or visit

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