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iO Systems Opens for Business to Provide Unique HVAC Controls to Distributors

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — iO Systems recently opened for business, offering unique control solutions for HVAC distributors. iO Systems is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls manufacturer that licenses unique products from multiple sources and offers them through wholesale distribution. Products include condensing unit alarm systems, lead/lag and twinning controls, as well as other specialty controls for the heating, ventilation and cooling industry.

“We’re excited to have launched this new company, offering distributors a line of solutions that their contractors can use in unique control applications,” stated Tim Cardis, account manager for iO Systems. “The current products we offer are for residential and commercial applications. We continue to look to the future to determine other unique solutions we can add to our current offering.”

Following their mission to be a leading manufacturer of high quality, need-based, specialty HVAC controls offered to wholesale distributors, the company will be working through its nationwide buy/sell representative network to reach distributors throughout the United States. iO Systems also recently joined HARDI.

For more information about iO Systems, go to iO HVAC Systems.

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