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Swanson Tool Introduces First Tape Measure to Grip Round Surfaces

FRANKFORT, Ill. — Swanson Tool unveiled a new tape measure under its premium Savage brand that features a patent-pending rotating tip that is specifically designed to hold rounded edges up to 2 inches in diameter, such as metal conduit, rebar, threaded rod, PVC and black iron pipe. With the ability to catch, hold and measure multiple types of materials, the new GripLine tape is ideal for plumbing, electrical, builder and carpenters, framing pros and DIY enthusiasts.

A slotted groove in the innovative, pivoting head allows the oversized 1-3/8-inch tip to slide seamlessly toward an object, thereby extending the tape’s gripping range and strength. In fact, this free-moving tip makes the GripLine the industry’s only tape measure capable of extending up to 1 inch of additional surface area and holding force toward any edge or endpoint.

With the 360-degree hooking capability, this new tip design gives contractors’ maximum control when drawing the tape against an object, making the tape feel more like an extension of their arm than a hand tool.

“This multi-function, magnetic and pivoting tip is what makes the GripLine tapes a truly innovative solution for builders, contractors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and DIYers,” says Loren Doppelt, director of product development and marketing for Swanson Tool Company Inc.

“Combined with an 8-½-foot standout and pivoting magnetized tip design, the GripLine tape saves time spent securing conventional measures by allowing the user to grip multiple types of surfaces – such as metal conduit, rebar, threaded rod, PVC pipe – from a significant distance.”

Multifunction, 360-Degree Rotating Tip
The double-sided, high-visibility blade and pivoting tip allows contractors to catch surfaces not only from above and below the tape, but also from the side—invaluable when measuring off a wall corner while keeping the tape horizontal, so it doesn’t collapse. The GripLine tip also features two magnets, allowing it to easily connect with any metal object, such as ceiling grids, studs, beams or HVAC ductwork.

“This tape measure works so well with challenging rounded stock, it works even better with everyday construction because it simplifies any work application’s process,” says Doppelt.

Designed to boost contractor productivity, the Savage GripLine includes the following features:

  • High visibility dual-sided blade. Nylon-coated for extra durability, the 1-1/16-inch wide, dual-sided blade features large 3/8-inch markings for quick readings of both elevations and flat-surface measurements. The scale is graduated in 1/16-inch increments and clearly marked every 1/8 inch. From the 1-foot mark and up, the wide blade marks off feet, as well as inches.
  • Quick reference symbols. Several easy-to-read markings eliminate guesswork, help boost jobsite productivity and increase accuracy. The tape features: 16-inch and 24-inch Stud-Centers to easily mark stud placement, as well as 19.2-inch-Framing-Centers or ‘black truss’ markings, used to position roofing rafters and/or floor joists.
  • Lever action belt hook. Forget pinched fingers or wrestling a tape back on to a tool belt. Instead of a traditional flat clip, the GripLine uses a thumb-lever-action clip to speed access to the tape and make storage quick and easy.
  • Generous standout. The dual-sided blade remains rigid even when extended up to 8 1/2 feet. An easy to use thumb-lock holds tape blade in place while taking measurements.
  • Durable construction. The multifunction, magnetic and pivoting tip is steel-reinforced with five rivets to ensure firm gripping strength, as well as longevity. The high impact-resistance case has a durable, non-slip molded rubber housing for added control and durability.
  • Guaranteed quality. Swanson Tool guarantees all Savage products through a limited lifetime warranty.

The new Savage GripLine tapes will be available nationwide in three lengths: 16 feet, 25 feet and 30 feet. Suggested retail prices for the new tapes range from $16.99 to $23.99, depending on length.

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