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Fresh-Aire UV Adds APCO-X Mag to Air Treatment Product Line

Fresh-Aire UV has added the APCO-X MAG, a new generation in the APCO product line of combination ultraviolet technology and activated EverCarbon media catalyst air treatment for HVAC systems.

The newly designed APCO-X MAG magnetic mounting bracket’s compact footprint is newly designed for installation flexibility near the evaporator coil, plenum or duct. It’s the perfect alternative when the HVAC system’s confines are too tight for the original APCO-X’s all-in-one carbon matrix, UVC lamp and power supply assembly.

The unit’s powerful magnet mount attaches to metal cabinets and its anti-vibration coating prevents wandering out of position. A redesigned a 90 degree electrical connector offers inches of more clearance versus straight plugs. The compact power supply, which carries Fresh-Aire UV’s renowned lifetime warranty, also accommodates limited spaces when located remotely from the lamp assembly via a power cable.

The APCO-X MAG also features an industry-leading three-year UVC (254-nm) quartz lamp and UL-2998 validation as free of potentially harmful ozone. The lamps are available in sizes:

  • A standard 15-inch-long model that’s ideal for internal mounting in furnaces, air handlers, package units and other equipment with limited duct access and sizes ranging from 3 to 5 tons. The 15-inch model enables the option of a second (dual) remote three-year lamp for coil disinfection when the APCO-X MAG is located elsewhere in the system.
  • An 11-inch-long model is designed for more limited space applications.

APCO-X MAG also features the APCO-X’s V-Twin Cell Matrix incorporating lifetime ceramic cells infused with Fresh-Aire UV’s EverCarbon media for enhanced IAQ performance and a 65% increase in volatile organic compound adsorption surface area compared to the original APCO system. The substrate’s catalyst agent treatment is antimicrobial-coated to prevent potential biological growth.

Other APCO-X MAG features include:

  • Newly designed ballast and UVC lamp configuration for tight spaces
  • Lifetime warranty power supply and 3-year advanced UVC lamp life
  • Voltage options include 24 to 32V low voltage or 110 to 277V line voltage with automatic voltage selection
  • Consumer-oriented packaging helps contractors educate consumers about the benefits of UV disinfection and VOC elimination

APCO-X and APCO-X MAG expand the technological achievements of the original APCO, which won the AHR Innovation Award’s IAQ category in 2011. The APCO-X family of products offers longer (three-year) UV lamp lifecycles for cutting-edge, airstream, evaporator coil, drain pan and interior air handling unit disinfection.

For more information, visit www.freshaireuv.com.

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