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Innovative, Height-Adjustable Toilets Adapt to Needs of Individual User

EAST DENNIS, Mass. — Pressalit Care has released an innovative new adjustable wall mounting bracket system that allows toilets to be easily adjusted in height. Introduced as enhancements to the company’s SELECT series of bathroom fixtures, the new adjustable brackets permit users to easily change a toilet’s elevation by up to approximately 15 inches. This helps overcome the limitations of certain clinical conditions and allows disabled or wheelchair-bound individuals to bring wheelchair and toilet to the same level, thereby making it easier and safer to transfer between the two.

Clinical advantages
Height adjustability can offer numerous advantages in clinical situations, such as post- surgical or for patients with spinal cord injuries. For example, raising the seat height might reduce hip angle flexion for patients following hip replacement surgery, aiding the healing process and making transfers safer and more comfortable. Because the adjustments are so quick and easy, caregivers can now adapt seat height to a virtually unlimited number of consecutive patients who may have special requirements.

Easy adjustment options
The toilet system’s height adjustments are controlled either via a manual hand-crank option or by a hand-held remote that controls an electrically powered actuator. Both options allow the user to precisely adjust the toilet’s height to correspond with the wheelchair’s seat or other requirements. This enables independent users to transfer without changing levels and also improves ergonomic positioning for any helpers in the bathroom. The toilet’s height can also be adjusted while the user is seated on the toilet in order to facilitate caregiver access for sanitation purposes. Maximum recommended weight capacity of the unit is 440 lbs.

Safer and more attractive
The new system’s wide span of adjustability and rugged wall mounting panel system also help to eliminate the need for add-on or aftermarket seat raisers and their associated instability and sanitation problems. Further, the wall mounting bracket features a contemporary design with a minimum number of grooves, slits or holes to ensure smooth, even surfaces that are more attractive and easier to keep clean.

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