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Sioux Chief Launches OxBox Product Video

Sioux Chief launched a new OxBox product video that enables plumbing contractors and wholesalers to know more about Sioux Chief design innovation, product features and installation techniques.

OxBox is offered in seven inlet connections including all common PEX types and is available in Ice Maker Outlet Box, Lavatory Outlet Box, Toilet/Dishwasher Outlet Box and Gas Valve Outlet Box — each in a fire-rated version.

“The two-box design allows supply lines to be installed on either side of the drain box and with the supply lines coming from either above or below the machine. This feature is unique to any other access box on the market, allowing it to be used in all geographical areas, no matter what challenge may be present,” said Rex Baer, vice president of product development at Sioux Chief.

Key features of the OxBox:

  • A single screw fastens the assembly for the most secure installation
  • Debris cover protects the box from paint and debris
  • One frame fits all products
  • Each box is the same size
  • No lead valves
  • Available with or without arresters
  • The patented GripTip feature for quick and easy DWV testing

The new Sioux Chief rough plumbing video series offers plumbing contractors need-to-know information about time, labor- and money-saving innovations in Sioux Chief’s Supply, Drainage and Support categories.

Sioux Chief products are sold through wholesale plumbing distributors nationwide.

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