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Emerson Climate Technologies Announces Expansion of R-410A Air Conditioning Tandem Product Offering

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. is launching new R-410A Copeland Scroll compressor tandem combinations for commercial air conditioning applications. With the addition of these new tandem combinations, the total number of models has reached over 100.  This includes 51 uneven and 69 even tandem compressor combinations, the most complete line-up of scroll tandem compressors in the industry.

“Tandems can provide a viable solution for OEMs to address the industry standard update to include IEER part-load efficiency requirements as part of the ASHRAE 90.1 standard for light commercial split, package and rooftop systems,” said Bart Powelson, director of commercial marketing, Emerson Climate Technologies Air Conditioning Business. “Tandem combinations allow OEMs to boost system part load efficiency levels to meet these new energy standards and aggressive DOE challenges.”

Tandems offer stepped capacity modulation for precision load matching that improve part-load efficiency while maximizing full-load efficiency, including integrated part load value and integrated energy efficiency ratio. In addition, voluntary industry standards ASHRAE 189.1, Energy Star and CEE standards specify improved part-load efficiency.

With the expansion of Emerson Climate Technologies R-410A air conditioning tandem combinations, OEMs have a broader and more complete product offering to choose from. The fixed capacity even and uneven tandem configurations range from 3 to 80 Hp. The digital tandem offering ranges from 3 to 30 Hp.

Additional product performance, electrical and mechanical information can be accessed online at and by logging in to the Online Product Information.

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