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TempMaster OmniElite Single Package Rooftop Units Expanded up to 150 Tons

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Johnson Controls has expanded its TempMaster OmniElite single package rooftop unit to include up to 150 tons of cooling, for a full range that now offers 50-150 tons of cooling capacity. The unit still features a footprint up to 20 percent smaller than competing units, double-wall construction, single-point power connection and efficiency ratings that exceed ASHRAE 90.1 standards.

Double-wall construction, which includes the roof, floor, doors and walls, helps prevent insulation fibers from entering the conditioned air and facilitates periodic cleaning of the unit to prevent harmful buildup of bacteria or contaminants. Double-sloped drain pans also protect against corrosion and bacterial growth for improved air quality.

The new TempMaster units feature multi-step capacity control, high-efficiency scroll compressors and fully modulating gas heat to cut costs while improving comfort. The systems also include:

  • Advanced ventilation control to avoid waste of conditioning excess outside air and monitor unit functions for maximized efficiency
  • Airside economizer for compressor-free cooling when outdoor air is cool and dry
  • Simple, intuitive controls that are standard and are factory-installed to ensure hassle-free operation
  • Single-point power connection that reduces field wiring costs

Optimized for HFC-410A refrigerant, the OmniElite rooftop units also allow easy access to components.

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