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GF Piping Unveils COOL-FIT Plus Pre-Insulated Plastic Piping Solution for Glycol Applications

The COOL-FIT ABS Plus Piping System from GF Piping Systems is a fully pre-insulated plastic piping system for secondary cooling and refrigeration that features energy-efficient, non-corroding, maintenance-free performance. These features make it ideally suited for food production, process cooling, cold storage, beverage production, supermarkets, dairies, air conditioning and others.

COOL-FIT ABS Plus has a core pipe made of ABS, which is insulated with high-density polyurethane. The insulation is protected with a black polyethylene jacket that is watertight and UV resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use. In addition, the entire system is completely diffusion and vapor tight. COOL-FIT ABS Plus is designed for conveying water-based coolants with temperatures from -58 F to 104 F at an operating pressure of up to 10 bar, and within diameters from ¾ inches to 12 inches (d25 to d315).

The insulation quality of the system with a thermal conductivity of 0.023 W / (m * K), associated to a constant thickness of insulation on both pipes and fittings, makes COOL-FIT ABS Plus the ideal system to efficiently run cooling installations. The energy loss along the lines is minimized and thermal bridges are eliminated.

This ready-to-install pre-insulated system maintains its original properties for its complete lifespan of 25 years. COOL-FIT ABS Plus is corrosion and incrustation proof. The nominal bore is maintained throughout the installation lifetime and therefore no increase in pressure drops, maintaining efficient low-pumping energy requirements.

The production of COOL-FIT ABS Plus generates a much lower CO2 footprint than any other metal production – from 40 percent to 60 percent lower depending on the type of metal.

GF Piping Systems has also launched a complementary range from 10 inches to 18 inches (d250 up to d450) of COOL-FIT PE Plus. Following the same principle of COOL FIT ABS Plus, the PE system only differs in the core pipes and fittings, which are manufactured in PE for this range. Consequently, the jointing technology of electrofusion pre-insulated PE sockets enable an efficient and quick assembly of the system.

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