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Rinnai Expands Smart Home Platforms

Rinnai Corporation continues to expand the smart home platforms that integrate with its products by integrating with Samsung SmartThings. This is the latest in a series of innovations that the company has developed to support today’s connected living. By adding Rinnai’s Control-R Wi-Fi Module to one of its tankless water heaters, tankless owners can now integrate with smart home products to control the unit’s water temperature and recirculation.

With SmartThings’ new Water Heater category, featuring only Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters, homeowners can quickly add their tankless water heater into their favorite scenes for good morning, good night and much more. With SmartThings automation, homeowners can activate their recirculation system by simply entering their home and disable it when they drive away for work.

Rinnai also supports voice control for both recirculation and water temperature with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. These integrations allow users to control their tankless water heater with over 20 unique phrases. Simply say, ‘OK Google, tell Rinnai to set temperature to 120 degrees,” or “Alexa, tell Rinnai I need hot water” for the ultimate convenience and comfort.

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