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ASSE International Publishes Fifth Scald Awareness White Paper

ASSE International has published its fifth scald awareness white paper, Recommended Installation Practices for Residential Storage Type Water Heaters to Reduce the Danger of Scalds, which is available for free download at Developed by the ASSE International Scald Awareness Task Group, this new paper discusses the most common causes of hot water scalds from an improperly installed storage type water heater and how scald injuries can be reduced through proper installation.

“Although this paper is not a ‘how-to’ guide or manual, it focuses on the recommendations that an installer should follow to reduce the dangers of scalds when installing or replacing a residential tank type water heater,” said ASSE International Scald Awareness Task Group Chairperson Richard J. Prospal, IPP, FASSE. “One of the most dangerous misconceptions in our industry is that the water heater alone is capable of delivering a consistent water temperature at the point of use — this new paper explores why that misconception can create a false sense of security and, most importantly, how the dangers of scalding from excessive water temperature can be reduced.”

Another focus of the white paper is handling hot water distribution systems when replacing residential storage type water heaters, and the dangers of replacing a water heater without checking or knowing how the new water heater affects the system.

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