Aircuity Introduces ‘Air Quality as a Service’ Solution to Accelerate Safer Building Re-Openings

Aircuity has introduced Air Quality as a Service, a new indoor air quality solution that helps building owners create “healthy buildings” that meet both COVID-19 re-entry and longer-term air quality requirements. As an operating expenditure, Aircuity’s AQaaS requires no or low upfront capital, making it easier – and faster – to deploy in existing buildings.

Aircuity approaches each AQaaS engagement by working with clients to prioritize their portfolio for IAQ improvement and identifying each organization’s largest operational and energy savings potentials. In many cases, untapped savings opportunities exist in critical environments and other highly-variable occupancy spaces. These savings opportunities can easily help fund such air quality improvements to create a positive cashflow implementation and a true “win-win-win” for investing organizations, as follows:

  • Owners: see dramatically improved air quality and lower operating costs
  • Occupiers: get a platform and understanding of better air quality
  • Operators: get a life cycle platform approach to managing and maintaining air quality over the life of the facilities

Aircuity developed its AQaaS solution based on the company’s 20+ years of experience in air quality, including its work coming from the critical environment space and its extensive collaboration with large portfolio owners and operators. Aircuity will offer AQaaS as yet another tool to assist a larger segment of the market – especially for those clients that need to address immediate air quality concerns.

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