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BriskHeat Launches WinterShield Freeze Protection Heated Pockets

BriskHeat has launched a new product, WinterShield Freeze Protection Heated Pockets. These pockets are ideal for protecting a wide range of devices from the cold, including pressure transmitters, pumps, valves, gauges, manifolds and more. They come in universal sizes and feature lace-up openings on three sides of the pocket for easy installation.

The heated pockets are IP54 water-resistant, safe to the touch and suitable for use in weather conditions, including sub-freezing environments. They are plug-and-play featuring a pre-set thermostat and an extra-long power cord. The materials are lightweight yet very durable, and the pocket heaters are removable and reusable.

WinterShield Freeze Protection Pockets are designed for facilities maintenance and plant managers who may be searching for a way to protect mechanical devices from inclement weather. These pockets help eliminate performance issues that can result from wintry conditions, decreasing downtime and maintenance costs.

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