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Mestek Boiler Group Introduces New Inverter Air-to-Water Heat Pump

The Mestek Boiler Group introduces its first inverter-driven air-to-water heat pump, which will be sold under the RBI and Advanced Thermal Hydronic Brands. Perfect for light commercial and commercial applications, the air-to-water heat pump encompasses all of today’s hydronic equipment innovations.

Heat pumps absorb low-temperature heat from outside air and deliver higher-temperature heat to an emitter inside the occupied space using water as the heat transfer medium. When cooling, heat pumps reverse the cycle and deliver chilled water through the same emitter.

Features and benefits include heating capacities to 288 MBH, cooling capacities to 203 MBH, inverter compressors, low-ambient performance (-20 F), enhanced vapor injection technology and hot water to 140 F. In addition, the new heat pump offers user-friendly touch-screen controls, no refrigerant handling, are easily piped and zoned, boast high-performance DC motors, as well as C-fin heat exchangers and built-in redundancy.

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