New Report Highlights Activities of Advanced Water Heating Initiative

The recently released Advanced Water Heating Initiative Playbook and 2020 Progress Report summarizes the activities of AWHI through the end of 2020. The West Coast AWHI has made tremendous progress on commercializing heat pump water heater technologies since it launched two years ago. Heat pump water heaters represent a small market share, but have tremendous potential for energy savings — up to four times better efficiency than conventional products. They also offer opportunities for improving building-grid integration.

The new report documents 2020 progress organized in the three AWHI strategic focus areas, four working groups and is followed by the initiative’s 2021 priorities and plans for national expansion. It also provides details on advancing specific technologies and serves as a playbook for policy, programs and market actors across the U.S.

The Advanced Water Heating Initiative is a collaborative, market transformation effort of over 35 organizations working to catalyze a rapid transition to high-efficiency, grid-connected heat pump water heaters. AWHI is an initiative of the New Buildings Institute. For more information, visit

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