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Rinnai America Corporation Launches Infrared Heaters

Rinnai America Corporation is launching a complete line of high- and low-intensity infrared heaters to deliver efficient, quiet comfort with innovative gas infrared technology to customers. The latest additions from Rinnai complements the existing commercial and residential product offerings, while still holding true to delivering the best total solutions.

Beginning this month, the Rinnai SE and SE+ Infrared Patio Heaters, HE Series Infrared Tube Heater and HE+ Series Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters will provide various options for indoor and outdoor heating to customers and businesses.

  • Rinnai SE Infrared Patio Heater: A stainless steel overhead radiant heater, the SE Infrared Patio Heater is available in single- and two-stage models and is specifically designed for outdoor commercial and hospitality establishments, providing uniform radiant comfort to patrons
  • Rinnai SE+ Infrared Patio Heater: Similar to the SE Infrared Patio Heater, the SE+ is also available in stainless steel and designed for outdoor commercial and hospitality establishments; however, this version comes in more sizes, low-mounting clearances to combustibles and has an attractive black finish, allowing the heater to blend seamlessly into the background
  • Rinnai HE Series Infrared Tube Heater: Ideal for heating an indoor workshop, garage or small commercial space, the HE Series Infrared Tube Heater utilizes up to 65% less energy than traditional forced-air heating systems and is the ideal heat source to keep garages warm and dry
  • Rinnai HE+ Series Infrared Radiant Tube Heater: Perfect for commercial, industrial, warehouse and distribution center applications, this infrared heater with electronically commutated motor technology is one of the most efficient, quiet and powerful tube heaters available

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