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Solar Event for Residential HVAC Contractors Coming to Phoenix

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America has teamed up with Pearl Certification to present The Solar Forum – the nation’s first-ever event to specifically address the challenges and opportunities that HVAC contractors face from the rapid adoption of solar, storage and connected home devices. The event takes place, Jan. 24-25 at the Crowne Plaza, Phoenix, Arizona.

At The Solar Forum, HVAC contractors will learn strategies to expand into other home services like demand response systems, EV chargers and home electrical upgrades. Contractors will also learn how homes with solar and batteries can impact the design and sales process and drive adoption of higher-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. New refrigerants and a push to electrify heating will lead to more system changeouts. Increased adoption of variable speed compressors, whole-house ventilation systems and other IAQ products, along with smart thermostats and other new technologies, add to the complexity of HVAC work—even as designers and technicians are in short supply.

Contractors will find inspiring educational sessions, innovative products and service providers, as well as opportunities to network with contractors who are engaging in HVAC and solar to varying degrees.

Together, Pearl and ACCA are leading the charge for elite contractors to futurize their businesses and create a powerful ripple effect in the industry and in the communities served—one home, one region, one state at a time.

Learn more and register for The Solar Forum 2022 at


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